About Lantree

LanTree Developments combines a respected legacy of multi-generational real estate expertise with a modern approach to real estate and community development.

LanTree Developments is an innovative real estate development company led by Raphael Mandelbaum, a third-generation real estate developer. A subsidiary of the Toronto-based Almond Tree Enterprises, Raphael has expanded his family’s internationally recognized legacy of real estate development to the United States. LanTree Developments spearheads its own projects while also partnering with the family’s award-winning Toronto-based firm Lanterra Developments on select opportunities.

LanTree Developments combines an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge with an entrepreneurial approach focused on modern community building. With a keen eye for identifying valuable underutilized land, LanTree Developments focuses its acquisitions in areas in need of premium housing and residential communities. The company directs and manages the entire transformative process and provides vital supportive services that allow the neighborhood to successfully grow and prosper after development ends.

LanTree Developments believes that providing the highest quality of service will result in success and prosperity. It seeks to equally serve all stakeholders involved, including partners, investors, and, ultimately, the residents and communities housed.


Our mission is to transform underutilized land into prosperous community assets exemplified by exceptional service and innovative techniques.