Our Company

LanTree Developments combines a respected legacy of multi-generational real estate expertise with a modern approach to real estate and community development.

At LanTree Developments, we’re dedicated to transforming underutilized land into prosperous community assets, exemplified by exceptional service and innovative techniques. We spearhead our own projects and provide advisory services to property owners seeking to unlock the value of their sites. From site identification, purchasing, financing, planning and zoning through design, engineering, construction, residency, and final asset positioning, LanTree’s team of seasoned professionals apply the highest level of expertise and service at all stages of the development process.

About Us

As an operating business extension of Toronto-based Almond Tree Enterprises, the family office for the Mandelbaum family and its constituent family members, LanTree Developments brings an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge to each project. With a keen eye and proven track record for identifying valuable, underutilized land, we focus our acquisitions in areas in need of premium housing options, and takes an entrepreneurial approach to modern community building. Leveraging a deep understanding of prevailing market trends, we direct and manage the entire development process from start to finish, and provide vital supportive services that allow the neighborhood to successfully grow and prosper long after development ends.


Our mission is to transform underutilized land into prosperous community assets exemplified by exceptional service and innovative techniques.